/ CG Jones, LLC Construction Looks to Technology to Help Take Projects from Concept to Finish, On Time and On Budget

CG Jones, LLC Construction Looks to Technology to Help Take Projects from Concept to Finish, On Time and On Budget

In 2013, civil engineers Trey Alexander and Brad Williams started a business to meet the overwhelming demand for project design solutions in their area. Their stated goal was to offer quality civil engineering and surveying services as well as common-sense solutions.


Through the next five years, clients expressed the need for new site and civil general contractors, so in 2018, Alexander and Williams formed CG Jones, LLC Construction to provide innovative solutions to complicated problems. It has since grown to 20 employees.

“We’ll take on any public or private civil construction project, but our forte is design-build,” expressed Alexander. “By partnering with the engineering side of our company, we’re able to take our clients’ projects from concept to finish. We’ve built a reputation on ensuring that whatever our clients need, we’ll finish on time and on budget.”


Alexander said a major factor in their ability to do that is due to the machines the company runs. Because of his experience through a former employer, he knew industry-leading technology would play an integral role at CG Jones Construction. That’s why the firm utilizes Komatsu dozers and excavators with integrated intelligent Machine Control (iMC) GPS systems. Its fleet includes D51PXi-24 and D61PXi-24 dozers, as well as PC210LCi-11 and PC290LCi-11 excavators.


“The first piece of equipment I bought was an intelligent machine because the entire precept of our business is built on using leading-edge technology,” explained Alexander. “The iMC capabilities make hitting grade easier for our operators and also make them more productive. I expected we would be more efficient with an iMC machine, and that’s proven true.”


Operators prefer iMC machines

During the past few years, Alexander and Williams have acquired other companies. A crew from one of them was accustomed to operating a competitive brand of equipment. They now prefer Komatsu, according to Alexander.


“They realized they’re much more productive in the Komatsu equipment because they know where they are (in relation to target elevation) at all times,” Alexander said. “They know what a job site is supposed to look like when it’s done, and they’re able to achieve that more efficiently with the iMC equipment. Every operator I’ve put in the seat of an iMC machine, no matter how much experience they have, prefers them.”