/ Tim's Tech Tips: Zero-Leak Hydraulic Port Plugs

Tim's Tech Tips: Zero-Leak Hydraulic Port Plugs

Tim examines zero-leak hydraulic port plugs

Zero-Leak Plugs are used in high pressure and hydraulic applications that are prone to pressure spikes, and you will find them in all Genesis attachments except linkage tools.

zero leak plugs 1These plugs have an O-ring that is the initial sealing area but is not the primary sealing surface. They are made of a malleable material and have a tapered shoulder that compresses into a matching taper in the port. This metal-to-metal compression seal is what performs the primary sealing function, whereas traditional O-ring boss (ORB) fittings rely on a compressed O-ring for sealing.

zero leak plugs 2

The Zero-Leak Plug is, therefore, a one-time use only plug that has very specific torque requirements to achieve the correct amount of swaging of the plug into the port.

When removing a plug, tap the face with a small hammer. This helps relieve the tension in the plug, allowing it to break free more easily. Not doing so on smaller plugs may strip out the plug hex bore.

When installing a plug, it's imperative that you use a torque wrench to tighten to the values specified below to help ensure leak-free performance. 



 Part Number


Dash Size





85 in-lbs



210 in-lbs



28 ft-lbs



70 ft-lbs



110 ft-lbs



200 ft-lbs



267 ft-lbs



333 ft-lbs


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